Director CHU, SHING-JY
Extension 1055
  • To design, revise and promote regulations
  • To design, revise and promote computer operating system.
  • Responsible for office-wide affairs.
  • To review assigned cases.
  • To evaluate official documents.


Extension 1052
  • Staff appointment, salary, retirement, pension, severance, and disability-related affairs of faculty and staff
  • Staff performance assessment.
  • Staff promotion-related affairs.
  • Staff appointment letter.
  • Employee’s educational training affairs.
  • Aboriginal’s appointment affairs.
  • Affairs related to Staff Review Committee.
  • Affairs related to Regulation Committee
  • Affairs related to Faculty Complaints & Appraisal Committee
  • Personnel data statistic.
  • Faculty promotion affairs assessment.
  • Compile data for E news.
  • Issue faculty and staff’s identification card.
  • Faculty and staff health check-related affairs.
  • Responsible for recruitment affairs.
  • Manage travel expense.
  • Gender equality affairs.
  • Subsidy-affairs for internal conference.
  • Election for staff representatives of Faculty Senate Meeting.
  • Welfare
  • Contracted corporate
  • Issue employment certificate
  • Attendance operating system
  • Duty subsidy
  • Webpage maintenance



Senior Clerk CHEN, HUI-YAN
Extension 1051
  • Regulation and staffing-related affairs
  • Faculty appointment, promotion and of teachers, secondments, and service extension-related affairs.
  • Assessment and certification for instructor qualification.
  • Validation of foreign educational records.
  • Affairs related to faculty publication.
  • Affairs related to full and part-time faculty appointment.
  • Affairs related to Faculty Review Committee.
  • Announcement of the list of directors for academic and administrative units.
  • Affairs related to faculty members’ part-time employment outside campus.
  • Faculty training and leave cases.
  • Meeting affairs for faculty recruitment
  • Meeting affairs for the teacher-project
  • Meeting for chair professor appointment
  • Meeting affairs related to in school-artists
  • Annual faculty promotion affairs
  • Compile matters for Administrative Affairs and Faculty Senate meetings.
  • Affairs related to Employee Complaint & Appraisal Committee
  • Training courses for new faculty members
  • Compile data for evaluation and implemented project.
  • Webpage maintenance



Contract Employee LIU, TZU-CHEN
Extension 1053
  • Faculty and staff salary and year-end bonus-related affairs.
  • Award and grant
  • Affairs related to faculty promotion
  • Review for faculty member’s registration documents.
  • Budget planning for the office.
  • Meeting affairs for flexible payroll.
  • Affairs related to Public Insurance, labor Insurance and Health Insurance.
  • Affairs related to Second Generation National Health Insurance
  • Affairs related to labor pension.
  • Matters related to Retirement & Pension Foundation
  • Maintenance of the online system for Retirement & Pension Foundation
  • Faculty’s employee and leaving certification.
  • Award and bonus for outstanding faculty and staff.
  • Matters related to Taiwan Provincial Education Association.
  • Chinese New Year consolation money for retirees.
  • Faculty payroll certification.
  • Foreign worker’s work permit and related affairs.
  • Webpage maintenance



Contract Employee LIU, YAN-YI
Extension 1056
  • Appointment affairs for research personnel.
  • Certification for the work experience of Research Assistant.
  • Online key in for rotating schedule
  • Compile directory for faculty and staff.